How to Differentiate Male HMPK betta from a Female HMPK betta?

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Many new betta keeper find it quite hard to figure out a male betta from a female betta. Here are a simple tips to differentiate them by yourself..

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1. The Overall Fin: In almost every cases a male would have a bigger caudal, dorsal fin and a longer anal fin. The ventral fin is another main fin part that differentiate a male from a female as from the picture above the female ventral will be smaller and shorter like a snake fangs while the male is longer and knife shape. With these you ought to be able to differentiate the sex of the betta but never underestimate a beauty of the betta as some female can be as beautiful and big mistaken for a male. So there is a need for the second point to make it clear.

2. The Egg Spot: For a female the egg spot is clear as in the picture while the male there is not egg spot. For a cello type of female betta you can almost look into the belly of the betta and see the egg sack.


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