GNS Betta farm thailand is a supplier of betta fish worldwide. We have betta for wholesale in different range of quality upon the market demands.  We have betta available from top grade to pet grade.  For all potential overseas business partners both direct betta broker and freelance betta broker, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We open for all business inquires from ornamental fish shop, high quality betta seller, fish brokers or even an individual who's interested in being our broker.  If you are looking for a breeder betta or a competition betta, we have variety choices for you to choose such as HMPK, HM, CT and etc.

Looking for solid or fancies either for competition or breeding you can visit our website shop or our facebook page for accessing to our new quality stocks.

We believe sharing knowledge and information is as important as running business.

Many betta enthusiasts have ask us many questions such as;

  • how to keep betta healthy and active,
  • what to feed betta pellets or live-food,
  • can betta be kept together in one container and most commonly;
  • how to breed betta successfully the technique and steps.

Here we will continuously update on basics of keeping betta, betta's food, basic of betta breeding and other techniques you might never have heard of. All the basics and techniques will be written on our blog channel.


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