Our online shop aims to provide betta lovers with easy access to varieties of betta. Our main customer are not only betta competition participant or betta breeders but our customer is everyone who love beautiful, healthy and active betta. So we have created an online shop for everyone to be able to shop the best betta available.

Before any betta shopping you should read the transhipping information on what all countries are able to shop through our online shop. You will have to contact your country transhipper before you decide on any purchase. The transhipping cost and posting cost is charge to the buyer and each countries cost varies you will get the quote from your chosen transhipper.

A shipment schedule for most country is monthly (once a month) except for USA where there will be shipment every two weeks or twice a month. Update for the monthly shipment will be updated everytime the schedule is issued.

How to shop online?
Our Betta Shop online is user-friendly and just a click away to have a bettas you want just like buying another things online.

How shipping works?
For our online shop (retail purchase) we have to ship with the service of transhipper which are available in buyers country (stated in the shipping detail) for those country without a transhipper we are sorry to inform you that shipping a betta to you is unvalid but if you get hold of a transhipper in your country which are not in the list Online shop is valid for you.

Choices of betta available: Competition, breeder, Pet (the difference)?
Competition Quality mainly consider the fish structure to perfection, a color that have no fault and healthy
Breeder Quality is as good as competition but there will be slight fault which doesn’t fit the fish into competition category.
Pet Quality is might have a slight color and structure fault (by structure fault we don’t mean handicap fish but a fin shape that doesn’t suit into a competition choice.

*** The Quality choice option would be available for mainly solid colors as for fancy betta each fish will be posted individually.

How often are new fish posted?
Almost every week

Payment made through Paypal?
All payment made through online betta shopping will enter paypal.