GNS quality wholesale betta offer choices for all wholesale buyer in different type of quality to be suit buyers market demand. Our wholesale quality are Top (AAA), Medium (AA), Pet (A). Available in Halfmoon and HMPK betta.
Top : For Solids (one color) betta a Top (AAA) quality is equivalent to our breeder quality of our online shop. As for Fancies betta our Top (AAA) quality will have top form with varieties of color for our wholesale buyer market demand.
Medium : For Solids the color would have more fault than Top grade. For Fancy betta the color would have less dimension and pattern than top quality.
Pet : For Solid the body structure will have more fault than medium. Fancy betta will have less variety in its color than medium quality.


How shipping for wholesale betta works?
Wholesale betta can be shipped anywhere with the requirement that the buyer have an import license for fish. All shipping cost will be charged from the buyer. A box shipped can contain approximately 150-200 bettas.


Stocks of wholesale?
Gns betta have wholesale betta available in different varieties every week meaning everytime you purchase from us you will always get a new variety of betta so your market will never get enough of the varieties you can offer.


Who are qualify for purchase of GNS wholesale betta?
We accept freelance betta broker, fish shop, online fish shop, fish distributor or even reseller to buy wholesale betta.


*** GNS wholesale betta are also accepting direct betta brokers ***