GNS betta have two type of shipment available for customers:

1. Wholesale Betta Shipment
2. Retail (online shop) Betta Shipment

Wholesale Betta Shipment: Wholesale shipment can be shipped globally almost anywhere mentionable but there is certain requirement for shipping to go through. Our wholesale customer will need to have an import license for fish (in most countries the fishery organization or department of the country will be responsible for granting an import license) or you will need to ask for service of those who have an import license (aka. transhippers). We recommend getting your own import license.

Retail Betta Shipment: Online betta shop purchase or any other channel of retail purchase are mostly limited to only certain countries. Why?!. Because a retail buyers will have to use the service of a transhipper for importing the fish to the buyer’s country thus only countries with available transhipper are able to purchase via online shop and retail purchases. A transhipping cost normally consist of two parts an export import cost (i.e. the cost for bringing the betta into your country) each country have different cost and posting cost or the cost for delivering the betta from the transhipper to the buyer. Before any purchase please contact your transhipper before purchasing.

The countries that’s available for online purchases (along with transhipper contact) are as follow:
1. USA – Linda Olson –
2. CANADA – Hung Pham –
3. MEXICO – Armando Santana – –
4. UK (United Kingdom) – Lisa Bradshaw –
5. GERMANY – Jan Sabbman –
6. AUSTRALIA – Jodi-Lea Matherson –
7. PHILIPPINES – Gerald Prodon – –
8. SINGAPORE – Shirley Lim –
9. INDONESIA – Ronald –
10. TAIWAN – Jacky
11. MALAYSIA – Patrick Yeoh


** For customer who lives in country other than ones mentioned if you know a transhipper from your country then a online shop purchase is valid.


*** All shipping cost are paid by the buyer (both wholesale and retail)


  • GNS Wholesale Betta Ship Globally (Import license required)
  • GNS Online Shop Betta (Retail Purchases) Ship Via Transhipper
  • Retail Shipping Schedule Updated monthly